At Gushee’s we use our experience, attention to detail and commitment to customer service to make every move a successful one.

High safety standards for our employees and our equipment guarantee you safe and reliable transport of machinery, industrial equipment, farm & construction vehicles and other freight within the US and Canada. Our drivers are all experienced with oversized and overweight hauling and committed to prompt, friendly, knowledgeable service.

Our administrative staff keeps you informed of scheduling and where your shipment is at anytime during the transport. Long standing relationships with state DOT offices, policing entities and our in-house oversized load escorts, we make sure your loads are delivered efficiently, legally and on-time.

The investment in unique and flexible trailers allows us to move almost anything. The ability to haul up to 200,000 pounds in most states and far more weight on jobsite moves gives our customers the confidence they will have the project completed by professionals.